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Good Giving Makes Good Sense.  DONORSense® contains detailed and current information about south Louisiana’s 501 (c)(3) nonprofits, churches, and schools. The information provided here will help you to make informed giving decisions.
What is DONORSense®?
DONORSense® is a database of nonprofit organizations with a presence in Acadiana.  This current information is uniformly arranged and is meant to provide objective organizational information to assist you.

Each profile includes information about an organization’s management, finances, governance, and programs.  Organizations can also comment about their impact in our communities.



 What does the "CURRENT" icon indicate?
This icon indicates an organization’s profile is complete and current according to the standards set by Community Foundation of Acadiana.  This includes an annual review to ensure all required fields are completed and that the financial information is consistent with reporting documents (IRS Form 990 or audit).  The information in each profile is provided by the organization itself.  The Foundation makes no representations or warranties with regard to said data – whether or not the icon is present.  

No endorsement or recommendation is made by DONORSense® or the Foundation because an organization is included or an icon assigned.  However, the Foundation does endorse charitable giving and philanthropy.  We trust that this powerful knowledge-based tool will inspire you and help you to make well-informed charitable and philanthropic investments.  An organizational profile, as presented here, is not intended to be your complete source of information.  Please contact the organization or the Foundation if you have further questions.


Thank you to those community partners who help make DONORSense® possible!

How to read a DONORSense® profile 

Each profile is divided into the following sections:

  • Organizational Information—Contact and background information for the organization, including mission, background, needs, and impact statements. Personal statements from the executive director and the board chair may be included. 
  • Programs—A maximum of five program descriptions. Each entry includes a brief description of the program and program category.   This section describes the important work that the organization is engaged in our community.
  • Management and Governance—Information about board and staff members. This includes board membership and details about the organization’s infrastructure.  
  • Financial—Current fiscal year’s budget projections and a three-year financial analysis. As non-profits use different financial models, please be sure to read the CEO's comments in the financials section if applicable.  The financial analysis provides a history of revenue and expenses, assets, and capital campaign information.